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Columbus, Ohio

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New Albany, Ohio

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Apr 24, 2019

I absolutely loved working with Kevin and Amy. They have endless patience and are so kind but also knowledgeable and smart. They helped me land my dream home and I couldn't have done it without them!

— Jennifer L. Weiner
Apr 20, 2019

We couldn't have been more pleased with the level of service, knowledge, and consultation provided by our realtor, Amy Conley. Our move was from another city and she made everything as seamless as possible. She has also gone above and beyond to help us with vendors to fix up our new home. We will definitely refer her to everyone we know in need of buying or selling a home.

— Billy Inglis
Mar 14, 2018

Amy was wonderful to work with and made the entire process so easy. She is truly the best real estate agent that I have ever worked with and this is my third house. I have recommended her to my family and my sister is having a similar experience. She is efficient and responsive hence why she is the only person I would want to sell my current house. Amy continues go above and beyond.

— K Wolfe
Mar 14, 2018

We wanted a local Realtor who knew the area and had a number of years experience selling Dublin. Amy was easy to talk to. Love her team! Any questions or concerns were answered quickly.

— Marilyn Houck
Jun 16, 2017

Amy was wonderful to work with. Very knowledgeable and always advocated for us during the sale. She also provided the names of key people ( appraiser and insurance) that eliminated a lot of the frustration of trying to find reputable people. Would HIGHLY recommend Conley and Partners and Amy is the greatest.

— Curtis Czemeres
May 22, 2017

We have used Amy from Conley & Partners for two home purchases so far and have referred her and her team to several others. They will always listen to your needs and not push you towards something you do not want. They are experts in the local neighborhoods and are excellent during the negotiation process. I would highly recommend Amy and Conley & Partners in general for buying or selling a home.

— Craig Dougherty
May 12, 2017

We have now bought and sold a property with Conley & Partners and I can't imagine a better experience. The entire process was incredibly smooth for both transactions. The team at Conley & Partners represent true professionals in every sense. I have and will continue to recommend this team!

— Chris Stover
Apr 5, 2017

Amy and her team were very professional. She was willing to invest whatever time was required to help in our search for a home. Her innate ability to find what would satisfy our life style resulted in the perfect home for us. The team at Conley & Partners was with us all throughout the process and beyond closing.

— Dean Schiller
Mar 6, 2017

Wonderful experience from start to finish. When I say experience I mean I hardly had to do anything on my own. If something needed to be scheduled, they handled it. If I had a question they were always available. No stress in the process at all.

— Jason Calodney
Feb 2, 2017

"Amy is incredible! She spent 3 full days with us taking us to different locations and homes. She really listened to our needs for our relocation. We found a great home in New Albany and we would most definitely recommend Amy and her team to anyone buying or selling! Great experience from beginning to end."

— Jennifer Byrge
Jan 10, 2017

Amy Conley and partners were the best realtors we have ever worked with. They were always available to us. They went with us to design centers. Anytime we had a question about the buying process, they were available to us. They were friendly, courteous, respectful, and just very nice. If I ever need a realtor again, they will be the first people we call. They also gave us a lovely move-in gift. My husband and I were so pleased with them!

— David & Robyn Frid
Dec 22, 2016

Amy defines being dedicated to the the happiness of her clients. She is a tireless worker, truly caring and extremely knowledgeable in the most desirable neighborhoods in Columbus. I would only work with Amy when it comes to finding my home.

— Daryl Peterman
Nov 30, 2016

Amy and Carrie were extremely professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I was living abroad through most of the search and purchasing steps and only had a limited amount of time to visit Columbus and see options in person. They listened carefully to what I was looking for, and I ended up finding a great condo that is well-suited for me in the Short North. The buying process was also very smooth, and they made it about as easy as I can imagine is possible. Amy is very knowledgeable and experienced, and I highly recommend her and her associates.

— Ami Choi
Nov 28, 2016

Jeanann, you are truly a special person. I have always known that, but you went way beyond what I expected, to help my daughter Marnie. I called Tim and left a message and he called her back after I left her home. He told her he would come yesterday and he did. He went to Lowes and got what he needed and fixed three things in her house. He charged her only 80 dollars and asked her about what had happened to her. They visited for a while after he finished the job, and she felt he was really a wonderful and caring person. She now has his number in her phone and she told me today that they would have him come again in the spring and fix some more things that needed attention. He did a beautiful job with the bathroom outlet, repaired her ceiling fixture in the kitchen , and then repaired one of her pullout kitchen drawers. I am so grateful to you and him. There are still good people in this world and you and he are two of them!

— Carol Lynne Chretien
Nov 28, 2016

Coordinated team approach with great local knowledge. Very responsive and easy to work with from listing to closing. Excellent network of contractors and service providers with reasonable fees to get your home ready for market. Amy, Carrie and the entire team made the sale of my home very easy. Went into contract in within 10 days of listing and closed within 45 days of listing.

— Alan Baker
Nov 28, 2016

Just a quick note to give my thanks for your mutual efforts assisting Ami's purchase of a new home. Given her criteria and timetable the results could not have been a better fit. Rather remarkable really, that she would have a closing on her preferred property exactly one week after she relocated from Scotland. Not only is the condo the style and location she hoped to find, also she avoided the rental market and avoided protracted searching while trying to settle in at the university. None of this would has been possible without your professional recommendations and diligence. It's reassuring to know that Ami has been in good hands from the start.

— Robinlee Bargar
Sep 13, 2016

I have worked with 6 real estate agents already (hopefully that is it for me, at least for a long while!!!). First and foremost let me tell you that The Conley & Partners team is a real team. This is not purely advertising, a "catch phrase" like it is in other Real Estate groups I have worked with. I have had the chance to work with many of the Conley & Partner team members and you can see the strength of the team as a whole during each step of the journey. Simply put, they run like a well oiled machine, to your favor!!! On top of that, working with them felt like my all-time friend is the one that was helping me find a house. They were able to read me and my wife well, mostly by listening carefully to what me and my wife wanted (which actually was almost the opposite!) and skillfully making suggestions. Based on my experience, this is unfortunately not a common skill in Real Estate agents. And they were able to give very valuable guidance even after the purchase of our house! I am not a real estate agent, but I believe a good one is more than just a person that smiles at you and says nice things all the time, and is just there to open the door for you to see a house. You have to combine that with negotiation skills, deep knowledge of the market and skill to guide the customer to get what he/she wants ethically. In my view The Conley & Partners team has all that and more! Would definitely recommend them without any hesitations. And would definitely work with them again if needed (although I hope I don't have to move again in a really long while).

— Jorge Rios
Aug 17, 2016

Amy, Jean Ann, and Carrie were amazing to work with. They advised us on what changes to make to our house to help it sell quickly. The costs were not significant but they were spot on because we had an offer for what we were hoping to get within 6 days of being listed. They know the Dublin market inside-and-out, neighborhood by neighborhood. You can't go wrong by taking their advice. They know the intimate details of the process, give you a heads up about what to expect, and are always available to answer any questions. Highly recommended.

— Kara Morgan
Aug 16, 2016

Selling my Bexley house was the easiest and most professional transition I have ever encountered. Working with Conley and Partners was the best decision I ever made. They marketed my house to SELL using their vast real estate knowledge and experience. They have a keen sense of what a buyer is looking for and bringing the right buyer to you. My house was sold in one day. They are exceptional! Ginny Salamy

— Ginny Salamy
Aug 9, 2016

Jean Ann, Carrie and Amy, I can't tell you how much we appreciate all of you. This move was quite stressful for us but you were always able to give us peace of mind. It seemed like there were so many headaches with repairs and financing and name it. But you were always there to answer questions and solve problems. I know that's what you do on a daily basis but I marvel at your efficiency and professionalism. Also, thanks for providing us with names of painters, floor guys, contractors, etc. We are using all of them! You are the best! Thanks, Mark and Jan

— Mark Howell
Jun 15, 2016

We couldn't have asked for a better realtor and team. Amy was always available to answer questions, tour homes, and offer advice. Since we moved from out of state, we had absolutely no idea where to start looking for our new home. Amy is extremely knowledgable about the area and helped us narrow our search quickly. We have been blessed by this team!

— Kelly Anderson
Jun 6, 2016

Amy Conley & Partners were amazing to work with in buying our home in Columbus. We worked primarily with Liz Salamy, who was extremely knowledgeable, professional, personable and understanding of what we were looking for. She went to bat for us, and made the process as painless as possible (and helped us make some really good decisions)! And as testament to what a great team they are, on the rare occasion that Liz was unavailable, Amy Conley was available to step in and help out. We would work with Liz and Amy Conley & Partners again in a heartbeat!

— Santi Duewel
May 5, 2016

Conley and Partners are extremely professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. We have bought and sold multiple homes with this group and highly recommend them. They are able to help work through any issues that may arise, and have great contacts in the industry.

— Sue Dieterle
Apr 20, 2016

We met Amy Conley through Ohiohealth HR department. Five star rating is not enough for the quality of service she provides. She goes above and beyond what is required of her. She helped us find our current home in Dublin. Amy is very knowledgeable about Columbus and surrounding neighborhoods. She gave us an initial community tour in order for us to get a sense of the Greater Columbus area. She had information on the good school districts and pointed us in the right direction. The information she provided along with her personal impressions helped us narrow down our home search. We started trusting her instincts very early in the process. Despite being extremely busy, Amy is very quick to respond to emails, texts and phone calls. Amy's organization skills were impeccable. This helped us immensely, since our long road trips from Illinois needed extensive planning and organization, and indeed we made several of those trips. Amy did a fantastic job in catering to our needs. Not only was Amy flexible to accommodate our trips to Ohio, she even made several last minute adjustments to her schedule to fit in our itinerary, as required. This made our trips highly productive. Amy really cares about her clients. Even after closing on the home, we continue to lean on Amy for advise regarding our home related issues, since she seems to know “everybody” in the construction and real estate business in Columbus. She is always available with her valuable advice. We have recommended her to several of our friends already and if we ever decide to buy another property, Amy would be our first choice.

— Raghu Kolluri
Feb 17, 2016

Working with Amy Conley & Liz Salamy was a wonderful experience. They helped us find our dream home and negotiate a good price that we could afford and allowed for some renovations to turn the house into our family home. They also helped sell our previous house fast and for a fair price. They couldn't have been more knowledgable and accommodating. We highly recommend this team of professionals.

— Andrea Bannan
Dec 10, 2015

I could not be more happy with Conley & Partners. They were recommended by several friends, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a new home. This was my first home buying experience and they took the time to educate us on the process and explain every step of the way.

— Anthony Wanzer
Mar 23, 2015

Amy and her crew helped us find an apartment when we were brand new to the area. When we were ready to commit to an area and buy a house, they made finding the right home easy. Since we are out of state people, their expertise was very helpful in putting us in contact with a fabulous mortgage broker, a great inspector and we have a few handy men all lined up to help us out. Amy and Carrie really listen to what you want in a home and are great about keeping in touch via phone, email and text.

— Laura Fowler
Mar 23, 2015

Amy and her crew are awesome. The service is outstanding before purchase she helped me locate a temporary apartment. She even took me the emergency room (long story). She has resources to help with repairs and work around the house. Awesome service if we ever move again she will be our agent. You won't go wrong.

— Brian Fowler
Mar 17, 2015

Our experience with Amy, Jean Ann and Carrie made the process of selling our home in Dublin simple and efficient. One of their strengths is the proactive approach that they took and their anticipation of questions and concerns that we might have had. It was rare throughout the process that they didn't beat us to the punch in providing answers before we could actually ask the questions. Their knowledge in pricing and comprehension of the market ultimately bore out in our final selling price. Our one detour in the entire process was with some extraordinarily unrealistic buyers and the folks with Conley and Associates helped us navigate the speed bumps and headaches to get back on track and get the home sold. Once we were in contract (with "normal" clients!) Carrie was the model of efficiency and information from contract to close. In any relationship an important element to us is the comfort level we feel with those we're working with. We found that in our initial meeting with Amy and never wavered in our belief that she would help us sell our home at a price we were comfortable with. We would be hard pressed to offer any negatives at all with their professionalism, proficiency and personal approach.

— Mark Lewis
Feb 9, 2015

In the past three decades I've purchased and sold a few homes. Of my many realtors, Conley team was the best by far: always professional; easiest to work with, always accessible; willing to make any extra effort to get the deal done; consistent can-do attitude; reassuring and hand-holding as necessary (it's always necessary :)). I recommend Jean Ann Conley and her entire team, without reservation! If you have an opportunity to work with them, you will be delighted.

— Russell Faust
Jan 28, 2015

Amy was everything you could hope for in a real estate professional. She listened carefully, was patient and responsive during our search for a home in Columbus. Once we found a home, there were multiple interested parties. She implemented a strategy that not only got us the keys, but did so within our budget. She facilitated the paperwork and made it quite simple for us. She went above and beyond and was "boots on the ground" checking on the property while we were transitioning during our move. Can't say enough great things about Amy Conley!

— Laura Gravelin
Dec 17, 2014

Amy Conley and associates are top notch! I have bought a number of properties in different states and never had such a smooth transaction. Amy helped us find our perfect home, we were from out of state and had no real idea of neighborhoods or "true value" of properties. Amy helped us over months figure out what was the ideal location and proper home for us. In older communities like, like German Village in Columbus, it is imperative to know all the hidden issues with homes, and Amy knew them all. I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to buy in the Columbus Ohio area, especially if your not from Ohio.

— Remo Moomuaue
Dec 4, 2014

Amy & team were outstanding! Responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. Amy sold me current home (in less than a week) and helped me purchase the perfect home for me & my family. I highly recommend working with her.

— Clare Vetrick
Nov 3, 2014

We've used a total of 7 different realtors in 7 different states, and Jean and Amy (and their team) are miles above the others in all areas. We sold our home at full price in less than a month with them. But, far beyond that was the degree the served us to get the job done. Their experience is priceless. I especially appreciate their calm and reassuring demeanor. They earned my husband's full respect (trust me, very hard to do!) by consistently under promising and OVER delivering.

— Lori & Russell Faust
Sep 18, 2014

Great knowledge of the Dublin area and a real asset to purchasing our new home. Great communication, Jean Ann was always available by text or phone any time that was convenient for us. This was a real benefit with our hectic schedules and small children. Our transaction went very smoothly and we would use them again.

— Tim & Stephanie Schneeman
Aug 29, 2014

Jean Ann and Amy are amazing. They helped us navigate the selling of our home and the purchase of another home. They are honest and straightforward. Their work ethic is unmatched - they work all hours of the day, night and weekends to ensure a successful outcome. Their support staff is in the loop and helpful. I can't say enough about Jean Ann and Amy. We love them!

— Bonnie Brannigan
Aug 29, 2014

Amy and Jean Ann Conley listed my home in Dublin in 2014 and we received an offer within 5 days. Amy was very skilled throughout all negotiations with the buyer and promoted a mutually beneficial experience. I can't say enough about this team's commitment, care, and professionalism.

— Mark Sellers
Aug 4, 2014

We had a great experience with this firm. Amy Conley was the lead agent on our deal, but we also worked with Carrie and Liz. The whole staff was great and were always available to answer questions and take care of all of our requests. They went out of there way to accommodate us throughout the entire process.

— Bob & Ashley Boich
Aug 1, 2014

Amy and her partners and staff are top notch. Amy was very patient and responsive during the search, and her knowledge of the market was invaluable. Her team was very helpful throughout the closing process, and facilitated a quick and low stress transaction. I would certainly recommend Conley & Partners and will use them again in the future

— Dave Gillespie
Jul 31, 2014

We were recommended Conley and Partners by our Mortgage Specialist. We couldn't be happier with the effort that Carrie Everingham and Lori Hodak gave us during our hunt for a house. Very responsive and professional, they were quick to schedule an appointment and had extensive knowledge of the areas in Powell we were interested in. They also never seemed to have a bad day, and made the search a whole lot easier for us. We couldn't be happier with the service and we recommend them without reservation to anyone looking for a home.

— Amber Vartorella
Jun 3, 2014

Amy Conley and Carrie Everingham worked with my husband and I in our recent search for a home in New Albany, Ohio. We are moving from North Carolina back home to Ohio, so the majority of our interactions during the search occured via phone conversations, emails, and text messages. On the day that my husband was able to fly in and view homes in person, Amy went above and beyond to help make the day as efficient and stress-free as possible by pre-arranging numerous home tours, picking up and dropping him off at the airport, and even helping him complete a pre-employment task required for my husband's job. We loved that based on our early conversations in the process, Amy anticipated our needs and was able to rule houses in and out on her own with perfect accuracy. She provided us with ample information regarding communities, schools, and local amenities that made us confident in our decision to buy. We put in an offer on a home using the most up-to-date technology accessible even on our phones and felt confident in both Amy and Carrie's ability to navigate through the complicated process. We have found both Amy and Carrie to be not only immediately responsive to our many questions and requests, but do so in a happy and friendly manner. The entire home-buying process from offer to closing went smoothly and I know this was because of the professional and knowledgeable team at Conley & Partners. I recommend them without hesitation and with the highest confidence.

— Grant & Liz Yoder
May 29, 2014

Erin and I could not have asked for a better experience. Jean Ann was everything anyone needs in an agent: knowledgeable, reliable, accessible, and in tune with all our wants and needs! If you are ever in need of an agent in the Columbus area, don't think twice about it. Go with Conley & Partners!! Thanks again, we are very excited about our new home!

— Jacob & Ering Boucher
May 29, 2014

We worked with Jean Ann & Amy five years ago when we bought our house in Dublin and we knew we would use them again! Throughout both transactions, they were professional, organized, and a joy to work with. Can't say enough good things about Conley & Partners!

— Tracey Gutman
May 28, 2014

Amy & her team are wonderful to work with. Not only did they provide excellent customer service, but they were always available to show a property or just talk! We will work with Amy and her team for every house we buy and will continue to refer our friends to them!!!

— Britta Yarnell
May 28, 2014

We love our house! Everyone was so helpful and made the process seamless. Our specific agent was even on vacation while we were making an offer and the team stepped in and took care of things while she was out! Thanks so much to Carrie, Amy, and team!

— Shannon Plant
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