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SOLD IN DUBLIN, OHIO: A 4-bed, 2.5-bath single-family home featuring 2,390 square feet of living space

Located just north of the state capital of Columbus, Dublin, Ohio, occupies three counties and covers around 26 square miles. This thriving and affluent suburban city offers an enriching community lifestyle with historical appeal. Home to over 47,000 residents, Dublin is picturesque, close-knit, and family-friendly, making it ideal for those seeking a sense of community and a comfortable, homey vibe.

One of the city’s most beautiful features is the Scioto River, which flows through the area and enhances the natural beauty of its unique location. Surrounding the river are numerous parks, natural trails, and golf courses that delight outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and active individuals. In Dublin, connecting with nature is as simple as stepping outside.


Dublin, Ohio, showcases the idyllic charm of four distinct seasons.

  • Spring brings vibrant blooms and the sweet scent of flowers, perfect for family picnics, long walks in the park, and biking around the community.
  • Summer invites residents and visitors to enjoy numerous outdoor activities, including concerts, farmers markets, and events like the Dublin Irish Festival.
  • Autumn is ideal for taking long, bracing walks down nature trails and apple picking.
  • Winter transforms Dublin into a wonderland with the Dublin Snowflake Festival, ice rinks, and various holiday activities.

Apart from its seasonal attractions, Dublin draws numerous tourists, homebuyers, and investors for its world-class championship golf courses and its thriving arts and culture scene. Throughout the year, the city hosts a variety of festivals, performances, workshops, and exhibitions that highlight both local and international talent. Public art installations, including sculptures and murals, are scattered throughout the city, adding personality and vibrancy to the community.

In Dublin, Ohio, you’ll find a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and a welcoming community spirit.

Looking to invest in the area? Learn more about the community, the local real estate market, and Dublin, Ohio homes for sale.


Dublin, named after the Celtic capital, was established in the early 1800s initially as a settlement for Irish immigrants. The Sells family originally owned 400 acres of land in Dublin, which they used for farming. The town remained contained until the 1970s when the construction of Interstate 270 paved the way for a population boom in the 2000s.

Dublin’s rich cultural history is preserved through events like the annual Dublin Irish Festival, considered the third-largest celebration of its kind. Historical landmarks such as the Dublin Corners Cemetery and Coffman Homestead also contribute to the city’s historical charm. Efforts to preserve the past continue through building restorations and initiatives led by the Dublin Historical Society.


3-level condo

This 3-level condo in Dublin, OH comes with a basement and a loft and boasts 2,107 square feet of living space

Neighborhoods in Dublin, Ohio, retain the historic charm of a quiet town, showcasing the intimate community and eclectic architecture of the early 1900s. You’ll find a range of building styles, including Bungalows, Hall and Parlor houses, Saltboxes, Cottages, Ranches, and Split-Level homes, among many others. The architectural influences are also diverse, featuring elements from Greek Revival, French Colonial, Italianate, and even Art Deco styles, giving the homes here a unique character.

In addition to expansive estates and mansions, Dublin offers condos that are equally spacious, and apartments that are available for purchase or rent.

Homes and mixed-use properties can be found along Riverview and Franklin Streets. High and Bridge Streets feature a mix of houses, retail shops, and cultural/civic centers. Entry level investment properties, such as condominiums and apartments, are located near central community districts.

Popular neighborhoods in Dublin, OH

Muirfield Village

Located in the northern part of Dublin, Muirfield Village is an affluent neighborhood renowned for its luxurious amenities and picturesque surroundings. This exclusive enclave features two prestigious golf courses: the Muirfield Village Golf Club and The Country Club at Muirfield Village. Properties within Muirfield boast unparalleled views, each adorned with beautifully manicured lawns and gardens, ensuring no two homes are alike. Residents enjoy a range of modern amenities, including outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, fishing lakes, and playgrounds, creating an idyllic lifestyle for families and golf enthusiasts alike. Inquire about homes for sale in this neighborhood

Olde Sawmill

Olde Sawmill has a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere, which fosters a sense of belonging. It’s the ideal environment for residents of all ages, including their furry companions. The pet-friendly neighborhood’s abundance of parks and walkable streets enhances its appeal, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and leisurely strolls. Inquire about homes for sale in this neighborhood

Tartan West

Tartan West is an exceptional locale for residents seeking an elevated living experience. Boasting luxury homes and apartments, Tartan West seamlessly combines upscale living with green spaces, which include parks and walking trails perfect for leisurely strolls and outdoor activities. Additionally, the neighborhood features a golf course and water features, providing scenic views and recreational opportunities. Inquire about homes for sale in this neighborhood


Nestled along the scenic Scioto River, Riverside is a community that offers a range of affordable housing options, including apartments and single-family homes. Riverside is a prime location for those who lead active lifestyles as the neighborhood is in close proximity to the woods and the river. Families will particularly appreciate Riverside’s access to an excellent school system, ensuring quality education for children within a supportive and thriving community. Inquire about homes for sale in this neighborhood

Ballantrae Woods

Anchored around the prestigious Golf Club of Dublin, Ballantrae offers residents the opportunity to indulge in leisurely rounds of golf amidst stunning surroundings. The neighborhood captivates with its rolling hills, picturesque ruins, and enchanting flowering trees, creating a serene and picturesque ambiance. Spanning 62 acres, Ballantrae features expansive public parks and 35 acres of serene lakes. It also offers a variety of housing options, including single-family homes, patio homes, villas, and condominiums. Inquire about homes for sale in this neighborhood

Other residential areas of note include:

  • Villas of Castleton
  • The Fairways
  • Tartan Fields
  • Riviera
  • Riverside Green
  • Ravello
  • Muirfield
  • Kendall Ridge
  • Hayden Farms
  • Hayden Falls
  • Falls at Hayden Run
  • Estates of Muirfield Village
  • Dublin Manor
  • Bridge Park


Dublin link

The elevated Dublin Link pedestrian bridge has a length of 760 feet and spans the Scioto River. It connects Dublin’s historic district downtown with the new Bridge Street District, a redevelopment project that aims to build a dynamic and inclusive community.

Dublin offers a high quality of life and a bright future for families and professionals seeking a place to call home. The city’s robust economy is supported by a diverse array of 4,300 businesses, including major employers such as Cardinal Health, Ohio Health, Amazon Web Services, and the Wendy’s Company, ensuring a stable job market and ample career opportunities.

Despite its growth and prosperity, Dublin maintains a cost of living that is lower than the national average. Compared to other areas in Ohio and the Columbus metro area, however, Dublin is considered more affluent, with slightly higher living costs that correspond to its exceptional amenities and services.

In terms of housing, the median price for homes in Dublin is $495,000, which reflects the community’s status as highly desirable, with top-notch schools, secure neighborhoods, and a vibrant community atmosphere.

It has been consistently cited for the qualities that make it stand out. Dublin was included in the Top 20 Best Small Cities in America in 2016, by the financial website, WalletHub. It was named the Best Suburb for Business six times by Columbus CEO Magazine. In 2015, it was recognized as one of the United States’ top 20 creative class cities.

Such honors underscore Dublin’s reputation as an ideal place to live and work.

Getting around Dublin, Ohio

Dublin is conveniently located near Columbus, the state capital, offering the suburban charm of a small town while providing easy access to the amenities and modern comforts of a major city.

By air. Dublin is just 20 minutes from John Glenn Columbus International Airport, making it easy for travelers and professionals to fly in and out of the area.

By land. Navigating Dublin and the Columbus metro area is convenient, thanks to Interstate 270, Interstate 70, Interstate 71, and Interstate 670.

Driving times to nearby cities

Downtown Columbus, OH20
Springfield, OH60
Dayton, OH70
Cincinnati, OH120
Cleveland, OH130

In addition to cars, Dublin is easy to navigate by bike as it is a pedestrian-friendly town.


Kids in school

Served by the Dublin City School District, Dublin has an excellent school system with numerous top-rated educational institutions to accommodate the many families in the community. The district oversees three high schools, four middle schools, and 14 elementary schools.

These include:


  • Glacier Ridge Elementary School
  • Wyandot Elementary School
  • Mary Emma Bailey Elementary School
  • Eli Pinney Elementary School
  • Griffith Thomas Elementary School
  • Indian Run Elementary School


  • Dublin Jerome High School
  • John Sells Middle School
  • Henry Karrer Middle School
  • Willard Grizzell Middle School
  • Dublin Coffman High School
  • Dublin Scioto High School


  • Franklin University
  • Ohio Wesleyan University


Shopping in Dublin, Ohio is a delightful mix of retail experiences, blending the charm of local boutiques with the convenience of major retail chains. The city’s shopping districts feature a variety of options, from fashionable clothing stores and specialty shops to gourmet markets and home decor outlets.

Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, unique gifts, or everyday essentials, Dublin’s diverse shopping scene has something for everyone.

  • Bridge Park. Stay in the know and visit this beloved community hub. It hosts numerous outdoor, nightlife, and entertainment events year-round.
  • Historic Dublin. Spend a fun-filled afternoon exploring the shops, boutiques, and unique eateries along the Scioto River.
  • Dublin Village Center. The 35-year-old Sawmill Road strip center is undergoing major redevelopment, adding exciting
  • The Mall at Tuttle Crossing. Bring the family for the weekend or hang out with friends at this all-around lifestyle mall.
  • Dublin Granville Road. This unique location is dotted with countless retail centers, including big-box stores, restaurants, and locally owned businesses.
  • The Shoppes at River Ridge. Experience shopping with a view with luxury retail boutiques and specialty shops overlooking the Scioto River.
  • Irish Fairy Door Trail. Combine fun exploration and shopping on the Irish Fairy Door Trail. Visit 10 different shops, discover the name of the fairy at the hidden fairy door, and get a free t-shirt!


Catching up

Dining in Dublin, Ohio, is a culinary adventure that caters to all tastes and preferences. The city boasts an array of restaurants, from cozy cafes and family-friendly eateries to upscale dining establishments and trendy gastropubs.

Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, a casual brunch, or a quick coffee, Dublin’s diverse dining options ensure a satisfying and delightful experience for everyone.

  • Mezzo. Experience authentic Italian fare with generous plates for the whole family.
  • Yoshi’s. From mouthwatering rolls, creative appetizers, and more, indulge in the fresh flavors of traditional Japanese dishes and modern fusions.
  • The Rail Burger. Savor the finest burgers crafted by an award-winning chef.
  • Cafe Istanbul. Delight in elevated Turkish cuisine featuring the freshest ingredients expertly prepared into tantalizing dishes like hummus, kebabs, and doners.
  • Dublin Village Tavern. Raise a pint of Guinness and relish the tavern’s famous Irish dishes, including braised beef shepherd’s pie, Irish kettle dinner, and Irish egg rolls.
  • Rusty Bucket. Gather with fellow sports fans at this casual tavern, which offers a laid-back bar environment and a diverse menu featuring dishes from around the world.
  • Tucci’s. Renowned for its steak and lobster nights, Tucci’s boasts over 300 wine bottles to complement your meal.
  • 101 Beer Kitchen. Enjoy finely crafted brews alongside classic American favorites for a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

Attractions and entertainment

Dublin, Ohio is the ideal destination for leisurely afternoons filled with exploration and enjoyment. Whether you’re venturing out solo, with friends, or with family, these engaging activities will add excitement to your days.

Check out these must-try and must-visit attractions.

  • Ohio History Center. Embark on a journey through time with a diverse range of informative exhibits showcasing artifacts dating back over 15,000 years.
  • Legoland Discovery Center. Perfect for families with young children, this center recreates Ohio’s iconic landmarks using Lego bricks. Kids can have a blast as well exploring the 10 LEGO play zones and enjoying rides and attractions at the 4D cinema.
  • The Chiller. Don’t wait for winter to enjoy a quick skate around the rink. The Chiller Ice Rink is open year-round and offers skating lessons for beginners.
  • Muirfield Village. Golf enthusiasts will find their paradise in two challenging courses at The Country Club at Muirfield and Muirfield Village Golf Club.
  • Art in Public Places. Developed in partnership with the Dublin Arts Council, the Dublin Art in Public Places Pass offers a captivating tour of 12 art installations throughout town. Join a guided tour to learn about the artists’ craft and other trivia. One standout installation is the Field of Corn, a quirky tribute to Sam Frantz, the man who introduced a hybrid corn species.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dublin, Ohio, where every season brings forth an array of lively festivals and events that celebrate the spirit of community and culture.

  • Dublin Irish Festival. One of Dublin’s most renowned festivals is the Dublin Irish Festival, attracting not only locals but also visitors from around the globe. With more than 100,000 attendees flocking to town for the weekend event held every August, you can indulge in drinking, dining, Celtic music, cultural exhibits, and games to create unforgettable memories for all.
  • Dublin Snowflake Festival. Another popular festival is the Dublin Snowflake Festival, an annual event drawing in crowds eager for holiday fun and cheer. Apart from winter-inspired drinks and food, the festival features brilliant Christmas lights and installations, ice sculptures, and outdoor skating.

Outdoor recreation

Happy Family

Dublin, Ohio is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors. With approximately 1,000 acres of green space, including 77 miles of hiking trails and over 65 parks, there’s plenty of room to explore and enjoy nature.

In Dublin, guests and residents alike have the unique opportunity to experience history, the outdoors, and modern comforts all in one location.

  • Dublin Link. This modern marvel of a bridge offers stunning views of the surrounding area.
  • Riverside Crossing Park. Walking around this charming park along the river is the perfect activity for families or a romantic date.
  • Bridge Park. This vibrant urban hub brims with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • Emerald Fields. Make the most of sunny days at this park. Residents love chilling here for a day of reading and enjoying a picnic with loved ones.
  • Indian Run Falls. Relax beside the breathtaking limestone waterfalls and explore scenic forest paths.
  • Hayden Falls Park. Another picturesque destination, this park features limestone waterfalls, breathtaking trails, and picnic areas.
  • Scioto Park. Take a leisurely boat ride along the tranquil waters of the river.
  • Glacier Ridge Metro Park. Spanning over 1,000 acres, the park includes wetlands and a 25-foot observation tower.

Coffman Park. This 105-acre park offers a range of recreational activities, including playgrounds, an amphitheater, and historic 19th-century homes.


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