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Moving to Ohio: Why Choose the City of Powell

Moving to Ohio: Why Choose the City of Powell

City of Powell

Nestled in the heart of Delaware County in Ohio lies an idyllic
community that perfectly combines modern convenience with wide open spaces and a touch of historic charm. Powell, a hidden gem in the Buckeye State, boasts a postcard-pretty setting, a rich history, and the charming appeal of small-town living.

Located just approximately 20 miles north of the state’s capital city of Columbus via the Olentangy Freeway, Powell is worth putting on your radar as you make your move to Ohio. It is near enough to easily take advantage of Columbus’ wide array of opportunities for employment, enjoyment, and everything else in between, yet far enough from the urban din.

Below, you’ll find out more about Powell, Ohio, the many facets behind its appeal, and the houses for sale in this pocket of Suburbia in Ohio.


City of Powell

Ranking high at one point among America’s top 50 best cities to live in, Powell evokes the dreamy charm of the Old Midwest. Its picturesque landscapes and tranquil vibe are balanced with a plethora of modern amenities and conveniences. Add to this its proximity to the City of Columbus and you have a great place for your next new home.

2022 estimates of the U.S. Census put Powell’s population at around 14,300, and analysts are predicting continued growth for this city, given its robust economy and job opportunities in the area.

Powell is sandwiched between the mighty Scioto River to its left and the smaller Olentangy River to its right, with the winding Bartholomew Run making its way through the city. These waterways add to Powell’s allure as they become venues for several water-based activities including fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. Bartholomew Run also serves as Mother Nature’s filter for the Olentangy River from which Columbus and nearby areas get their drinking water.

Perhaps the most important factor that draws in people to Powell is the easy access to the state capital of Columbus where the high-profile business and commercial districts are concentrated. Many of Powell’s residents are, in fact, employed in offices situated in Columbus then come home to the peaceful retreat that is Powell.

Brief history

This parcel of land in the Scioto River Valley was known by several names over the years, including Middlebury and Hall’s Corner. It only took on the name of Powell in 1857, in honor of Judge Thomas Powell who approved its application for opening a post office in the area.

Powell was never known as a town. Instead, it was incorporated as a municipality in 1947, then as a city decades later As with many other areas in the country, what brought Powell to the modern era from its pioneer days was the construction of the Columbus and Toledo Railroad in the 1870s.

Development of housing settlements in the municipality of Powell began in the 1970s and continued all the way to the 1980s, especially with the rise of upscale communities like The Retreat. As development went full-scale and people started moving in, Powell was eventually granted the status of city in 2000.

Powell, Ohio today

Even as Powell embraced modernization, it managed to retain its small-town charm. It’s now known as an affluent Columbus suburb where households have a median income reaching almost $170,000 and the majority of adult residents are predominantly well-educated. It’s a fantastic place to live with excellent schools, a diverse array of homes for every lifestyle and budget, and a wonderful community with strong ties.


City of Powell

The city’s many offerings, including its closely-knit community, small-town vibe, modern amenities, and proximity to the city are excellent reasons to look for houses for sale in Powell, Ohio.

Powell’s small-town vibe is of particular importance as this is a major factor behind its powerful appeal.

The benefits of small-town living

Recently, the country has seen an exodus from major cities to smaller towns. Largely driven by the advent of remote work as a solution to the pandemic-induced work stoppages, people became untethered to their respective offices in these mega-cities. They eventually found themselves attracted to the more laid-back feel and larger, more affordable housing options of these suburban areas. – and moved there.

Many areas in the Golden Belt region have benefited from this shift in real estate preferences. This includes places in the Greater Columbus Metropolitan Area like Dublin, Bexley, German Village, New Albany, Upper Arlington, and Powell.

Powell, in particular, offers the small-town vibe that many people seek. Below are the top five benefits of living in a charming small town like Powell:


    In Powell, time slows down to a crawl so that locals can truly appreciate the city’s innate charm. It takes people back to simpler times and the things they tend to overlook in the constant push to get things done – the beauty of nature, peace and quiet, and being in a community where neighbors look out for each other. Powell’s downtown area itself is a haven for relishing this slower pace as locals are surrounded by historic buildings, cozy cafes and boutique shops, and several parks for picnics and leisurely walks. These are all attractive elements for those seeking a more laid-back way of life away from the frenetic pace of the city.


    Many families with children live in Powell. These children go to schools recognized for their quality education not just in Delaware County but in the entire state, as well. The parks, for their part, give enough space for them to enjoy running and playing with fellow children from the community. These children socialize and grow up together, continuing the strong neighborly ties across several generations. Planting your roots here assures you and your children of a family not just related by blood but by shared experiences over time.


    City of Powell

    Houses for sale in Powell, Ohio, are generally priced higher than other homes not just in the county but in the rest of the country, given the high demand for them and the scarce inventory. Since Powell, OH is primarily residential in nature, almost all homes here are owned, not rented out.


    Homes in Powell, OH sit on large lots and have plenty of room inside and outside. Expect to find the following amenities among homes for sale in this Columbus suburb:

    • Garages and parking spaces
    • Modern and high-quality fixtures and finishes
    • Smart home technology
    • Modern kitchens with updated appliances and generous storage solutions
    • Well-appointed bathrooms with a spa-like feel
    • Energy-efficient features
    • Fully furnished patios, decks, and fenced yards

    Property types and architectural styles

    Single-family homes dominate the Powell, OH real estate market, with condos being a far second and a few vacant lots in between. The single-family homes come in a wide variety of architectural styles, primarily dictated by the periods when they were built. The more historic homes are usually found in the downtown area and designed in more traditional styles such as Colonial, , Tudor Revival, and Mediterranean Revival. Those built around the middle part of the 20th century are usually done in Ranch, Craftsman, and Mid-century Modern styles. More recently built homes have Contemporary or Eclectic influences.

Excellent education

Serving much of Delaware County and a small portion of Franklin County is the Olentangy Local School District, more commonly known as Olentangy Schools. Known for its commitment to academic excellence, programs dedicated to early literacy, and a high graduation rate, Olentangy Schools was among the top school districts that received the highest overall rating in the 2023 Ohio State Report Card.

Powell’s public schools are under this highly rated school district, the most notable of which are:

Powell’s private schools also provide exceptional learning. Some top-rated private schools in this city include:

Employment opportunities

Powell highly benefits from its proximity to Columbus, and this significantly influences the economic landscape of the area. It’s home to several thriving local businesses that bring income to both the city and some of its residents, including restaurants, shops, and service providers.

Industries in Powell that contribute much to the city’s revenues include healthcare, education, finance, technology, and professional services. The city itself has provided steady income to over 6,600 people. Its convenient location and favorable business environment make it an attractive destination for professionals and entrepreneurs wanting to cash in on the city’s bustling commerce.

Natural beauty and outdoor recreation

City of Powell

Is Powell, Ohio a good place to live? A good number of its residents will give a resounding yes. Some of them will even go so far as to enthusiastically express their admiration for the intrinsic beauty of their community’s natural surroundings.

Powell is located in the beautiful Scioto River Valley in Central Ohio, characterized by flat plains and gently rolling hills, with winding waterways crossing the plains. Residences and communities have pockets of woodland that serve as gorgeous backdrops for afternoons on the porch or walking along the trails for some exercise.

Nearby parks and nature reserves like the Highbanks Metro Park and Scioto Park invite residents and visitors to enjoy hiking trails, picnic groves, and birdwatching. The parks also offer beautiful views of the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers, as well as opportunities to try water-based activities.

Nearby Liberty Park Nature Center offers lovers of the Great Outdoors to go on even more adventures and opportunities for exploration along its nature trails. The Center also has wildlife exhibits and offers educational programs on the local flora and fauna in the area.

Old-World charm

Another distinct feature of Powell is its historic district and its well-preserved 19th-century buildings and landmarks. Located within the radius of the intersection of Powell Road and Liberty Street, this area resonates with an Old-World charm that honors the town’s heritage and humble beginnings. Some of Powell’s most popular shopping and dining hubs, as well as local businesses, are found here, essentially serving as the suburb’s center of activity.

Providing a tangible link between Powell’s present and glorious past is the Martin-Perry House. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, this home is now the site of the Powell Liberty Historical Society and represents the architectural style prevalent in Powell’s early years. The Andrew Peters House is another historic spot that showcases Greek Revival architecture.

Attractions, shopping, and dining

City of Powell

Along with outdoor recreation and historical sites, there are also several fun things to do and see in and around the city of Powell.


One of the most popular attractions in Powell is the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Covering over 580 acres, this facility features eight diverse habitats and over 10,000 animals representing more than 600 species, making it one of the most diverse zoos in the country. The zoo is also dedicated to the well-being of their animals, wildlife conservation, and teaching their advocacies through various educational programs.

Need to cool off? Then you’ll want to take a dip in the many water features of Zoombezi Bay. Owned and operated by the Columbus Zoo, it has water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and a play area for kids.


One doesn’t have to travel to Columbus for some retail therapy as Powell has several shopping centers in and around its periphery that offer a mix of big brands and local favorites under one roof. They also feature restaurants, fitness centers, art galleries, movie theaters, and several other lifestyle options.

For your shopping needs in Powell, Ohio, visit the following retail hubs:

  • Powell Retail Center
  • Powell Center
  • Village Pointe Center
  • Liberty Crossing
  • Powell Crossing Shopping Center

Apart from these shopping centers, shoppers can also go to several farmer’s markets, flea markets, and community bazaars within Powell’s borders for anything from local produce to garments and houseware.


Here are some highly recommended restaurants for your Powell, OH food crawl.

  • Vittoria. This Powell staple along Sawmill Parkway is known for Italian cuisine made the Tuscan way but it’s not afraid to give their Italian fare a modern take. You can try meals from the standard menu or give in to dishes from their banquet menu. Pair these with wines from Vittoria’s extensive wine list for a memorable dining experience.
  • Prohibition Gastro Lounge. This modern bar and grill is located in the heart of Powell along West Olentangy Street. The bar is so popular that you need to put your name on its wait list for a chance to get seated. And when you do, you’ll be amazed by their massive selection of wines, whiskeys cocktails, and snacks. Carry-out is also available.
  • Novella Osteria. Another local favorite, this restaurant promises an authentic Italian experience. Check out their dinner menu ranging from salads to pasta. Their ravioli dishes are second to none. Pair them with your choice of spirits, ales, or brews.
  • Local Roots. True to its name, this restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients for its continental cuisine. Some of their bestsellers include seared salmon, sweet potato pasta, baby back ribs, and seafood gumbo.
  • Annie’s Kitchen. Bringing in the flavors of the South, this family-owned restaurant serves delectable home-cooked meals from breakfast to dinner. Interestingly, they offer Mexican dishes starting at 2 P.M., consisting of various burritos and tacos. A kids’ menu is also available.


Now that you know what to expect in Powell, Ohio once you decide to make that move, you’ll want to explore all your real estate options in this engaging city. To help you in this endeavor, trust in the expertise and knowledge of yours truly, local Realtor Amy Conley, and my team at Cutler Real Estate. Client-focused and ready to be your guide, I can help you all throughout the home-buying process until the keys to your new home in Powell, Ohio are handed to you.

Let’s discuss what’s in store for you in Powell, Ohio! Call me at 614.595.4344 or send me a message here to start.

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